• Medication Lock Box and Pill Organizers

    We engineered our pill organizers for ease of use and durability. The compartments have larger capacity to hold many pills. The lids open easily, snap shut with positive closure, and have embossed lettering without any printed ink that can wear off. The ball and socket hinge design provides a long useful life without plastic cracking and breaking due to fatigue. Material used is non-toxic food grade polypropylene. We carry three version. Links here will connect you to details on our website. Med Manager, Med Manger XL, Med Manager Weekly.

    Pill Pod 7 Day Secure is a medicine lock box and a perfect solution to safeguard your medications and cannabis products at home. Help prevent accidental child poisoning and drug abuse / pill theft. Our extra large weekly organizer is secured by our patented combination locking container. Child-resistant and simple to use for seniors. For greater details visit our product website.

  • Brain Teaser Gift Money Puzzle Boxes

    Your next gift becomes an adventure! Our puzzles create a code cracking game out of gift exchanges. With this collection of puzzles, gifts can include cash, gift cards, jewelry, keys, candy, wine and more. You set up your own code and provide clues to be given to your recipient. Make your clues easy or challenging. They won’t be able to open the puzzle and get their gift until they have discovered your code. The game could last a day, a month, or however long you like. Need ideas for code words? Visit our code bank on our website. Great for a treasure hunt game, white elephant holiday parties, or use as a puzzle or prop for an escape room. For more product details, visit our other website for Puzzle Pod, Puzzle Pod Junior, Puzzle Pod Mini, and Vino Vault & Spin the Bottle.